01. General Questions

Organized by : FEED HK , Project-108
Supported by : livi bank
Music Partner : KKBOX
The Beneficiary Organization : Early Psychosis Foundation
Partners : Casetify, LANE-EIGHT, Mask On

The Organizer accepts online payment only. Participants may make the online payment with the following methods :

Master Card
Visa Card

The participation fee includes :

a. RUN INTO 2021 runner pack
A souvenir t-shirt with number bib, special ‘RUN INTO 2021’ medal, MaskOn mask 3 pcs and coupons from Casetify, LANE-EIGHT and etc.

b. E-certificate
E-Certificate of Achievement/Participation will be issued to participants who finish the race of their category.

Same registration fee for 3KM Fun Run, 5KM Power Run and 10KM Achiever Run.

Original Price : HKD150

livi bank Discount price : HKD80 . Download, install and register livi bank app to gain a promotion code. Insert livi bank promotion code with last 6 digits of liviSave account number to enjoy instant discount during registration

KKBOX Discount price : HKD120 . Download, install and register KKBOX app, insert KKBOX promotion code and KKBOX account email to enjoy instant discount during registration.

Corporate/Group Discount price : HKD120 (In a group of 2-4 people)

No start and finish point for virtual run, participants can arrange their route with the actual road safety consideration.

Yes. Participants must be 18 years old or above. The Organizer reserves the right to verify the age of the participant or require the participant to provide proof of verification of the age before / after / during the event.

No. Participants in RUN INTO 2021 are eligible to compete for the awards / prize money.

The race categories of RUN INTO 2021 are 3KM Fun Run, 5KM Power Run and 10KM Achiever Run.

RUN INTO 2021 will be held on 31st Dec 2020 (Thursday) to 15th Jan 2021 (Friday).

02. Registration and Acceptance

If your application was incomplete or unsuccessful, please resubmit a new application.

All participants should complete the payment online during the payment period, using the following methods :
● Master Card
● Visa Card

A Eventbrite email will be sent to the successful registrant upon completion of payment as a confirmation.

A notification message will be sent to your registered email once your application is submitted. To ensure that you will receive all correspondence from the Organizer, please be reminded to provide a valid email address when you submit the application.

If you do not receive any notification messages or experience any system errors, please send email to info@run-into.com or call 3621 0581.

No. Participant can only the distance they want to enter, and it cannot be amended once the registration is completed. No request for any change to another category will be entertained by the Organizer.

Registration period of all races : 10th Dec 2020 (Thursday)

An application can only submit one application once.

The public registration for 3KM Fun Run, 5KM Power Run and 10KM Achieve Run will continue to be online registration basis (www.run-into.com). Applicants can register by submitting an online application, which contains their personal details and contact information.

All applicants must provide an email address when they register. Each email address can only be used for registration ONCE.

03. About RUN INTO 2021 Runner Pack

• RUN INTO 2021 limited edition T-shirt
• Bib number
• Medal
• MaskOn mask 3pcs
• Coupons from CASETiFY,

CASETiFY e-coupon must participate in RUN INTO 2021, completed with the screenshot of the running record to the organizer’s designated e-mail. The organizer will send the e-certificate to the participant’s mailbox, present the e-certificate to the CASETiFY store in Hong Kong, purchase mobile phone cases with 15% discount on cases or accessories (not including travel coupon series). Effective till  31 January, 2021. The discount is subject to terms and conditions. For details, please check with the store staff at CASETiFY stores
• Coupons from Lane-eight
• E-certificate

Applications can email to info@run-into.com or call 3621 0581.

No. Participants can choose their size of T-shirt when they make payment for their entry. Once the size of T-shirt is submitted and payment is completed, the participant cannot amend the size of T-shirt. Each size of the runner's t-shirt is limited in quantity and will be distributed on a first come first served basis; if the requested size is not available, another size will be substituted.

No. Participants can choose the pick up method when they make payment for their entry. Once the pick up method is submitted and payment is completed, the participant cannot change the pick up location.

Yes. The Organizer will arrange pay upon received service of SF Express (SF station/ SF service station/EF locker/ Convenience store). Please check the address of SF station at the following website before placing an order : https://www.sf-express.com/hk/tc/dynamic_function/S.F.Network/SF_store_address/

Please take the address of SF Express Station and fill it in the delivery information;

If participant fail to make an appointment for the first scheduled delivery appointment or fail to receive the product because participant provided an inaccurate address, the Organizer (or through our delivery provider) will retain the subsequent delivery appointment the right to charge participant extra shipping fees;

All delivery dates and times are estimated. The Organizer is not responsible for any loss or damage that participant may cause due to delivery delays.

Runners can authorise a representative to pick up their runner pack at the designated date and time as indicated in the email, on their behalf. Please contact info@run-into.com .

The representative must present the following documents when they pick up the runner pack :
• A duly completed authorisation letter;
• A printed copy of the runner pack collection email;
• A copy of participant’s HKID card/passport.

If these instructions are not followed, the Runner’s Pack will not be distributed.

Participants can pick up their runner pack in person or authorise a third party to collect at designated pick up location (during 22nd Dec 2020 to 15th Jan 2021, 11pm-9pm) by presenting the runner pack collection email and their HKID card/passport copy.

The runner pack collection letter will be sent to all successful applicants via email, starting from 10th Dec 2020. The collection letter indicates the runner’s name and category for identification and redemption purpose.

If you do not receive your runner pack collection email within 7 days after application or by 15th Jan 2021, Please send email to info@run-into.com or call 3621 0581.

04.Preparation for event

No. Bib is non-transferable. Upon discovery of such irregularities, participants concerned will be disqualified.

Participants are advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies according to their needs separately. Participants are also advised to seek medical advice before the race to check if they are fit enough to complete the distance they have entered.

Participant is advised to prepare not less than 500ml water and arrange some food as replenishment. Support by others along the course for this event is allowed. Please bring ID card, small amount of cash, Octopus Card, mobile phone with local connection, and also the race bib for taking pictures. Please do not deposit valuable item(s). The Organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

Participant is advised to choose a running route with less traffic, run in the morning or late night. Wash hand after running and be mindful of personal hygiene. Participant is advised to bring hand-sanitizer and a new mask for replacement.

Participants are advised to dress in proper sportswear and running shoes for the event. The bib should be displayed near your chest and clearly visible at all times during the event to enable the Organizer to identify your bib number.


No. You are only allowed to run in the race assigned by the Organizer. If you ran in the wrong race, you will neither get results nor the e-certificate and you will be disqualified.

No. Participant can complete the 3KM Fun Run/5KM Power Run/10KM Achiever Run during event period, and upload the running record.

Participants are advised not to take photos at running area and keep appropriate social distance.

Download the Organizer recommended RUN INTO 2021 mobile app for track your record on distance and time.

  • Run at indoor or outdoor area that is safe.
  • Take a photo of running shot before/during/after your running which can clearly show the individual number bib, and a screen-cap of running record
  • After your completion, please email your screen-cap record (includes finishing time and distance) and a running shot which can clearly show the individual number bib to result@run-into.com by 17th Jan 2021 (23:59:59, HKT).
  • Participant can complete across multiple trials but running record and photo can be only submitted ONCE. Once the running record and photo is submitted, the participant cannot change.
  • E-Certificate of Achievement/Participation will be issued to participants who finish the race of their category after verification (takes 3-4 working days).
  • Upload photo to Facebook or Instagram, Like and Tag RUN INTO 2021 official account, with a hashtag #RUNINTO2021